The art of viewing – video in the English classroom

In this webinar, we will be looking at how videos can be used in the classroom to engage learners, present vocabulary, and stimulate their creativity. We will explore the fifth language skill (or language art) of “viewing” and look at ways to incorporate viewing activities into our lessons using the new Gateway to Success series by David Spencer. We will also try some of the activities ourselves (and expand our horizons thinking about the Sustainable Development Goals).


Prem has been working in ELT for about 15 years. During these years he has worked as a teacher, examiner, director of studies, teacher trainer, or presenter in 5 different countries. At the moment, he is busy teaching online and working on various projects together with schools from Italy or the UK.
Prem is a qualified secondary school teacher as well as a holder of the CELTA, TYLEC and the Delta. He lives in Formia in Italy with his girlfriend, who is an online teacher of Italian for foreigners and together they run intensive in person language and culture programmes on the Tyrrhenian coast (both in Italian and English). He is an avid traveller and lover of international cuisine.