Know thyself: VAKOG & Learning Styles

In this illuminating seminar, Teresa helps teachers help students know themselves and their learning styles. She'll analyze the importance of Left/Right-Brain dominance as well as how to ensure ‘Whole-Brained’ teaching and learning through a series of questionnaires and exploratory activities. A similar investigation of Dominant Sensory Channels (Visual, Auditory; Kinaesthetic) and matching those of teacher and learners to ensure harmony and success in the FL classroom.

Teresa Doğuelli has been a teacher and trainer for nearly 40 years. She has lived and worked in Turkey since 1979, teaching adults, university undergraduates, teenagers and children. She has trained teachers, teacher trainers and ELT inspectors for many institutions including the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Full time teacher trainer for Macmillan, she has an MA in Applied Linguistics and a Dip.RSA TEFLA.





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