Integrating AI into ELT

2023 seems to be the year of artificial intelligence in English language learning and teaching. Apparently out of nowhere, there has been an explosion of tools which has divided the teaching community. Does AI threaten our very future or is it one of the most exciting periods to be a language teacher and learner? AI is not likely to go away so how can we harness its power for more efficient and more effective learning and teaching? Within this context, this session considers a range of AI tools which can help with the planning, delivery and assessment of learning.


Neil Harris is the Marketing Director and Teacher Trainer at CELT Centre for English Language Teaching Cardiff. He has gained his expertise working in Italy and the UK (mostly the UK) in pretty much every role in the industry (zero-hours teacher, Senior Teacher, EAP Lecturer, DoS, Teacher Trainer, Business Development Manager and Director of Marketing). In the UK, he has collaborated in both private language schools (including four Quality English member schools) and three universities in Wales.


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