Differentiation: How to support and challenge all of your students

Every single class has students with different levels, abilities and skills, which gives us fantastic variety. But how can teachers address these different needs to support and challenge everyone? In this talk, we’ll look at ways to create a positive learning environment through pair and group work, teaching methods and tasks based on the four main skills. I’ll go through examples and give you practical ideas and tips to help you and your learners enjoy the diversity in your classrooms.



Laura Broadbent is an ELT writer, teacher trainer and consultant. She taught English for over ten years in Malaysia, Brazil, France, Italy and Spain, where she began translating ELT course books. Since then, she has written a wide range of ELT materials including student books and resources, video courses, podcast series and graded readers for global markets. Six years ago, she specialised in creative and alternative materials and teaching methods for dyslexic learners and began working as a speech and language assistant. She regularly gives teacher training talks and workshops around the world on a range of topics and thoroughly enjoys exchanging ideas with teachers