Befriending the anxious mind- a practical path to calm in the classroom

Clearly we’re all living through unprecedented times. So how do we keep calm and focused in the face of all this uncertainty? In this dynamic session we will explore not only how to help students deal with fear and anxiety, but also take a closer look at the very thinking that creates these emotions to begin with. What happens when we question our own negative thinking? Is it possible to see these moments as opportunities to practice dealing better with stress? And how can you as teachers resource yourselves to be calmer and more present, ready to be with whatever the future holds? Join Emma Reynolds, accredited Mindfulness teacher, in this dynamic, interactive and insightful session, full of practical tools to keep stress levels down in the class.

Emma Reynolds is an accredited Mindfulness teacher for adults (MBSR- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and for children through MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project UK). She feels passionate about offering both teachers and their students practical tools to help them stay present when faced with difficulties, enabling them to do their very best. She has presented numerous talks, workshops and webinars on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in the classroom at schools, teachers’ conferences and online and this year she was invited by Macmillan to create their first Mindfulness course for Primary students. Emma is delighted to be offering this interactive webinar aimed at teachers of teenage students. Originally from the UK, Emma has lived in Spain for over 20 years.