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By Marina Falcinelli, Valeria Mazzetti, Maria Benedetta Poggio


Italian language course for foreigners - Children's course

Who it's for

For children from 6 to 9 years of age studying Italian as a foreign language


The course is divided into 3 volumes based upon the linguistic competence and progress and is directed towards the social and mental development of children. The goal of the course is to develop cognitive, emotional, social and cultural capacities of the children and put them in the condition to be able to communicate in a different language from their own. Teaching is planned around different activities - games, drawings, songs, rhymes, poetry and role playing - which utilise the movement of all the senses.

The Authors

Marina Falcinelli
Valeria Mazzetti
Maria Benedetta Poggio

Purchase Options

Book 1 pp.128 + audio CD - Euro 10,65 - 9788800853798

Book 2 pp. 144 + audio CD - Euro 11,20 - 9788800853811

Book 3 pp. 144 + audio CD - Euro 11,20 - 9788800853835