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By Alberto Mazzetti, Marina Falcinelli, Bianca Servadio


Italian elementary course for foreigners

Who it's for

Young students and adults with no or very little knowledge of the Italian language, who intend to learn in a progressive and equilibrated way the linguistic capacities necessary to express themselves correctly in situations of everyday life.


The course is organised in 19 didactic units based on high frequency communicative situations, in which the student could find himself during a trip to Italy or in the course of a conversation with an Italian.

The course is composed of two volumes: a Libro di lingua e grammatica (Language and Grammar Book), complete with exercises, and a Libro quaderno (Exercise Book) with further oral and written exercises. For English, Japanese and Chinese speakers there are also specific Note grammaticali (Grammar Notes) books. Following an inductive method and using the linguistic functions presented in the context, the student arrived to the grammatical rules.

Great attention is reserved for tonal pitching and the use of the most important and recurrent forms of non-verbal language, in particular the gestural language to which there are some activities.

The activities draw the attention to well-defined elements and serve to reach the mastery of a linguistic and/or communicative mechanism.
The activities, instead, stimulate the student towards a more creative use of the language and aim to exercise the four basic linguistic abilities.

The Authors

Alberto Mazzetti, Professor of Italian Linguistics at Perugia University for Foreigners, has directed the Center for Italian Language Certification of Perugia University for Foreigners.

Marina Falcinelli and Bianca Sertvadio teach Italian at the University for foreigners of Perugia. They hold courses for training and aggiornamenti for Italian teachers. They are authors of Italian teaching manuals.

Purchase Options

Book 1 Lingua e Grammatica pp. 432 - Euro 25,4 - 9788800853569
Answers pp. 80 - Euro 4,8 - 9788800853583
Book 2 Quaderno di esercitazioni pp. 336 - Euro 14,9 - 9788800853576
Audio CD - Euro 9,95 - 9788800203463

Grammar Notes for English Speaking Students
pp. 64 - Euro 5 - 9788800853590

Italian grammar notes for chinese speaking students
Edited by Xiao Tianyou
pp. 64 - Euro 6,15 - 9788800205962

Italian grammar notes for japanese speaking students
Edited by Takeshi Tojo, Rie Inouchi
pp.96 - Euro 6,15 - 9788800204767