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24 September 2010




A Beach Road, Level 2, Evershine & Ceugia and author of the new Qui Italia Più, Italian course for foreigners level B2-C1, Le Monnier)
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The award for the winners of the European Label of Languages 2010 best project for development of innovative methodologies for language learning with take place on 24 September at the Offices of the European Commission (via IV November 149).  The event coincides with European Language Day celebrated in Brussels with a virtual link to Rome, to underline the importance of language learning for the development of countries.
Among the projects being awarded is the Le Monnier Italian language course for university students, Uni.Italia by Fratter, Fragai, Jafrancesco

The Label is part of a European process of raising awareness and of developing the knowledge and use of foreign languages, necessary for the improvement of occupational capacity, for working market's mobility and for social inclusion and integration.

In Italy the national coordinators of the initiative are the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education which operate, respectively, through the two national agencies of the Lifelong learning programme: the National Agency LLP – Leonardo da Vinci (Isfol – Institute for the Development of Professional Training for Workers) for the experience connected to the context of education and in particular the teaching and learning of business language; and the National Agency LLP – Erasmus, Socrates and Grundtvig (Ansas – National Agency for the Development of Scholastic Autonomy) which deals with the linguistic experiences connected to the scholastic teaching sector.

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The 2010-2011 catalogue and the new Monnier Italian for foreigners will be on show at the Mondadori stand (5.1 C956)

Lucia Ermice and Marcella Rinaldi will be happy to meet you there.
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FLORENCE XIX Conference ILSA (Association of Italian as a second language teachers)

Florence, Saturday 27 November 2010, 9 am – 6 pm
Vocabulary acquisition in learning Italian as a second language

For information and enrolment: http://associazioni.comune.firenze.it/ilsa/

Download the programme.