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ILSA Insegnanti Italiano Lingua Seconda Associati

The ILSA is a cultural association born in 1990 which unites teachers of Italian L2 active in public and private institutions (schools, universities, CTP, etc.)

The Association works in the education sector and has as its goal the updating of the public school and, in general, in the learning and teaching of the Italian language. In particular, the ILSA works out proposals to facilitate the cultural and linguistic integration of foreign students in the Italian school system.


Didael - Web Knowledge Company

Born in 1983 as a company entirely dedicated to education mediated by information and data communication technologies, Didael has, over the years, maintained its profile by updating its technological solutions while always putting the quality of its educational project first.


We collaborate with

The University for Foreigners of Siena

The University for Foreigners of Siena, which has consistently worked for the diffusion of Italian language and culture among foreigners, is fully integrated within the national university system and has a wide range of educational pathways. The university carries out its role with the goal of:
- acting as a privileged observer of the conditions of the Italian language and culture throughout the world;
- being an instrument of mediation between Italian culture-society-economy and the rest of the world;
- promoting the development of methodologies, practices and instruments for the teaching of the Italian language;
- promoting education and refresher courses for professionals working in the field of teaching Italian as a foreign language in Italy and the rest of the world.