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By Lidia Costamagna, Marina Falcinelli, Bianca Servadio


Italian course for beginners

Who it's for

Young students and adults studying Italian in Italy or abroad through guided learning or independent study.

The text is particularly effective and appropriate for the following students:

  • whose mother tongue is typologically distance from Italian and/or with a non-alphabetical writing system (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic...);
  • who, even if their mother tongue is not distant from Italian, has a prolonged timeframe for learning;
  • who frequent Italian courses with a limited number of weekly hours and little contact with Italian language and culture;
  • who want to learn the language to establish first contact with Italians during brief trips in Italy.


The Students' Book is divided into 34 units, each one further subdivided in two distinct and correlated parts:

  • part A with communicative activities and exercises strongly connected to daily situations and a section is dedicated to phonetics and orthography;
  • part B with further activities to memorise the structures, the vocabulary, the pronunciation, schemes of intonation and writing.

In the final part of the volume there is a summary scheme for the verification and the consolidation the grammatical schemes.

In the appendix there is a glossary of all the receptive and productive vocabulary within the book translated in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

Main characteristics of the course

  • The student is guided towards carrying out communicative exercises, towards the acquisition of vocabulary and the linguistic structures connected to it.
  • The management of the words is connected to the morphology, semantic, syntax and phonology in a progressive and integral way (vocabulary-grammar)
  • The vocabulary is presented in everyday communicative situations.
  • Many oral communicative activities (Role play and pair work)
  • Activity aimed at the development of phonological and orthographic capacities
  • Authentic materials

The Authors

Lidia Costamagna teaches Phonetics, Phonology and Psycholinguistics at the University for foreigners in Perugia. She carries out teaching activity and coordinates training and aggiornamenti courses for non mother tongue Italian teachers in Italy and abroad. She has published works on the acquisition and teaching of Phonology.

Marina Falcinelli and Bianca Sertvadio teach Italian at the University for foreigners of Perugia. They hold courses for training and aggiornamenti for Italian teachers. They are authors of Italian teaching manuals.

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Book + Audio CD pp. 256 - Euro 19,8 - 9788800206037