By Maurizio Trifone, Antonella Filippone, Andreina Sgaglione


Italian course for foreigners

Who it's for

Younger students and adults from any language background who study Italian in Italy or abroad.


The course is divided into 6 levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Each level has:
- Students' Book
- Audio CD (with recordings of audio exercises)
- Teachers' Guide (with descriptions of the activities, solutions, transcripts of the dialogues as well as many didactic tips).

The manual is composed of units focusing on a theme and subdivided into sections. This structure allows the teacher to construct a learning path based on the needs of the class.


This is a complete course with a method strongly focused on efficiency and with a particular attention to the grammar and lexical study.
Every didactic unit is composed of 8 distinct and immediately recognisable sections:

  • Cominciamo (Let's begin): motivates learning to activate their passive knowledge;
  • Osserviamo bene (Look carefully): analyses the subjects from the grammatical and communicative point of view through examples, charts?, exercises;
  • Facciamo Pratica (Let's practice): presents new texts and activities, which require of the use of what has just been learned.
  • Lessico (Vocabulary): presents, through a visual dictionary, the most important words from the unit, chosen from the "base vocabulary" of the Italians and aims to stimulate the deepening and widening of lexical knowledge;
  • Scrittura e pronuncia (Writing and Pronunciation): dedicated to the phonology and orthography;
  • Grammatica (Grammar): summarises, in a schematic form, the grammar used in the unit;
  • Verifica (Quick test): consists of a series of activities to monitor language learning;
  • Viaggiamo in Italia (Let's go to Italy): presents well-known and lesser-known aspects of Italian culture and proposes a trip trough the artistic masterpieces of our country.

Student's Workbook

Collection of supplementary exercises for review and expansion on lexical, grammatical and communicative subjects covered in the units of the Student's Book.  At the end of each unit is a useful glossary of new words with phonetic transcription and English translation.


Download a Unit from Workbook A1



Level C1

is divided into five Units dedicated to: the literary text, bureaucratic and technical language, language of specific sectors (art, medicine, economics) newspaper language, politics, sports and theatrical texts. In the Units the texts of different types (descriptive, argumentative, narrative, expositive, prescriptive, etc.) are accompanied by explicative notes. These are followed by different types of activities (comprehension, linguistic reflection, lexical work, written and oral production) and of syntactic reflection. The syntactic subjects are reviewed and explained in a specific grammatical index. To close the volume: examination pages (for every Unit) and the section: Linguistic doubts which confronts some of the critical points of Italian illustrating and clarifying the most diffused errors not only among foreigners, but also among native Italians.

The Authors

Maurizio Trifone is professor of Italian Linguistics at the University of Cagliari and editor of the dictionary of the Italian language, Devoto-Oli. Antonella Filippone and Andreina Sgaglione are teachers of Italian to foreigners for courses organised by Italian and foreign universities.

To Download:

An example of the course
Audio transcripts level A1

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Level A1
Book + 2 audio CD pp. 224 - Euro 19,8 - 9788800203319
Teacher's Guide pp. 64 - Euro 6 - 9788800206433
Student's Workbook - pp. 96, 9.50 Euro, 978-88-00-80008-2

Level A2
Book +2 audio CD pp. 256 - Euro 20,8 - 9788800203326
Teacher's Guide pp. 64 - Euro 4,8 - 9788800206495
Student's Workbook - pp. 96 (in production)

Level B1
Book + 2 audio CD pp. 256 - Euro 20,8 - 9788800203333
Teacher's Guide pp. 82 - Euro 6 - 9788800206525

Level B2
Book + 2 audio CD pp. 192 - Euro 18,8 - 9788800208499
Teacher's Guide pp. 64 - Euro 6 - 9788800208529

Livello C1
Teacher's Guide - pp. 64, 6 Euro, 978-88-00-20853-6

In production
Volume, pp. 192 (in production)
Teacher's Guide, pp. 64 (in production)