Affresco italiano

By Eleonora Fragai, Ivana Fratter, Elisabetta Jafrancesco

Multimedia Italian course for university students

This project won the 2010 European Language Label


Destined for

- foreign students:
enrolled at foreign universities with cultural and scientific collaborative relations with various
Italian universities;
studying for their degree at Italian universities;
studying at foreign universities in Italy (US university programmes);
who study materials requiring knowledge of the Italian language abroad (literature, archaeology,
history of art, architecture, music);

–  adult learners, who for cultural reasons (the traditional public of Italian L2) and professional reasons need an in-depth and specific knowledge of the Italian language;

–  professionals interested in working in Italy in a pluricultural context, who need communicative strategies to be able to work in Italy with particular reference to the working environment.




Frankfurt Book Fair 14-18 October 2009

Mondadori Education will be at the Frankfurt (Stand Mondadori).



With reflections, didactic proposals, documents and events, the magazine offers a complete panorama of the teaching of Italian as a second/foreign language.


-Towards a plurilingual and intercultural language education

-Concerning the evaluation on the first test of the State Exam: the experience of the INVALSI – Accademia della Crusca (Florentine Literary Academy)

-Teaching Italian as a second language in primary school: “we shed light on the history” of this discipline.

-Italians and the point system: reflecting on language to understand cultural aspects of change.


Ever easier to learn Italian

This is an interactive multimedia course structured in four levels: beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced, composed of a total of 108 units (roughly 370 hours). The Language Lab has been created in 15 different languages.


Interactive and multimedia simulations of the PLIDA certificate exams, divided into 6 language levels, from A1 to C2.

Online course