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Who we are

Le Monnier Italiano per stranieri is the Mondadori Education brand for students and teachers of Italian as a foreign/second languge.

Mondadori Education, a publisher of the Mondadori Group, specialised in the realisation of editorial products for education and instruction, has been present in the scholastic market since 2000 with 13 brands and a catalogue for all disciplines and levels. In 2002 it entered university publishing with Le Monnier Università and Mondadori Università.

Along with the books there is magazine for the education system of both school level and university as well as the prestigious Le Monnier dictionaries: the Italian language dictionary Devoto-Oli, a compact dictionary (English, French, German) e il Latin dictionary Conte-Pianezzola. This is the experience Mondadori Education has in the planning and creation of Italian courses and teaching materials enriched and renewed constantly through the collaboration with the University for Foreigners of Siena and Perugia, associations such as ILSA, which unite Italian and foreign teachers active in private and public schools and universities and other partners, such as Didael, which supplies an important contribution to the online and multimedia offers.

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