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By Alberto Mazzetti, Patrizia Manili, Maria Rosaria Bagianti


Italian language course for foreigners (Intermediate Level B2-C1)

Who it's for

Young and adult foreign learners with a level B1 knowledge of Italian who want to reach level B2 or C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


The students' Book is composed of an introductory unit and 19 units dedicated to a specific grammar point with texts and numerous written and oral activities.

Characteristics of the New Edition

  • The texts in great part renewed, are all authentic. There are various typologies of text (as requested by the Common European Framework): pieces of prose from authors of the 1900s, articles and interviews from the principle national samples, poetic texts, examples of formal and informal letters, curriculum vitae, film and book reviews, economic announcements, prescriptive texts, examples from advertisements;
  • SSpecific attention is brought to the grammar and syntax, with useful schemes, rich and various examples and exercises;
  • Exercises directed to the development of vocabulary;
  • Oral exercises (role play) for the improvement of communicative and expressive ability;
  • Audio with authentic recordings (weather reports, radio news, traffic reports and pieces of music from Radio R101 transmissions).

The student’s workbook can be used with any course offered, in fact, a wide choice of exercises of various types on grammatical and syntactic subjects.

The Authors

Alberto Mazzetti, Professor of Italian Linguistics at Perugia University for Foreigners, has directed the Center for Italian Language Level Certification of Perugia University for Foreigners.

Patrizia Manili, Professor of Italian Linguistics at Perugia University for Foreigners, is an Italian as a Second Language Teacher Trainer.

Maria Rosaria Bagianti, Professor of Italian Language and Culture at Perugia University for Foreigners.

Purchase Options

Student's book + CD audio pp. 288 - Euro 22,4 - 9788800205917

Exercise book pp. 192 - Euro 11,4 - 9788800205924

Teacher's guide pp. 64 - Euro 6,8 - 9788800205931


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