• 24 Marzo 2020

    Macmillan Education Teacher Training Days 2020 - LIVE with David Spencer

    Segui la diretta streaming su mondadori.page.link/macmillanlive Per chi dovesse partecipare all’evento in differita, le iscrizioni per l’attestato rimarranno aperte sino alle ore 18:00 del giorno 25/3. Per ricevere l'attestato di partecipazione è necessario iscriversi all'evento. L’attestato di partecipazione sarà disponibile su mondadorieducation.it/attestati entro una settimana lavorativa dal termine dell’evento.

    Essential skills for teachers of…

  • Citizenship

    Risorse per insegnare l’Educazione Civica nella classe di inglese per la Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado
  • Grammar Pills for Revision

    Risorse e strumenti per insegnare la grammatica inglese nella Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado
  • 20 Febbraio 2020

    Bringing Life Skills to Life! - Things today’s teenagers need to know

    The basic concept of teaching Life Skills is simple - that our responsibility as educators is not only to help our students to learn English but also to prepare them for the challenges of life and work in the 21 st Century. This talk will look at why the teaching of Life Skills is so…
  • 14 Marzo 2019

    To speak or not to speak!

    ‘Why don’t my teenage students speak to me in English?’ This is a question that frustrated teachers often ask themselves. This interactive webinar will take a realistic look at some of the main reasons why it can be hard to get some teenage students to speak in English. I will suggest some general tips, tricks…
  • 10 Marzo 2021

    Critical Reading: Helping students become well informed citizens

    Nowadays people have a great variety of texts and information sources just a click away. However we have seen that unlimited access to information brings risks, too. Students must have strong evaluation skills in such a world. David Spencer will give tips on how to teach Critical Reading and help teenage students make…