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By Alberto Mazzetti, Maria Rosaria Bagianti


Learn Italian by cooking - first plates and pizza

Who it's for

To those who study Italian and are at an intermediate to advanced level.


An anthology which combines language learning with culinary culture. The text is divided into 6 parts called "stravizzo", from the term defining the sessions of the Accademici della Crusca. Each stravizzo proposes as series of recipes, each accompanied by:

  • anecdotes (the history of the dish or details about its preparation);
  • additional information about the main ingredient of the featured dish;
  • an explanation of technical terms used in the kitchen;
  • grammatical, linguistic and comprehension exercises, etc.

A dictionary in 5 languages (including Japanese) permits the translation of most-used terms for cooking.

The Authors

Alberto Mazzetti
Maria Rosaria Bagianti

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Book pp. 122 - 7,35 Euro - 9788800853781

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