How can we get our students to actively engage in activities, interact with each other effectively and at the same time learn as much as possible? One answer is Gamification. In this talk we will be looking at what gamification is, what the benefits are and examples of games taken from Mondadori’s new book called Upskill. We want the learners to go from passive to active learners, from simple recipients to critical thinkers and hopefully stimulate their learning at the same time.



Josefina Ares has been teaching English and training teachers for more than twenty five years. Her experience comes from teaching all ages and levels. She has worked for many different academies around the world including International House and The British Council. She is also a Cambridge examiner and examines from Young Learners to IELTS. She is a freelance speaker and collaborates with MacMillan, Cambridge and Mondadori at a variety of teachers’ events. Apart from this, she has many different passions and hobbies which include watching films, dancing tango, acting and singing in a choir.