By Giacomo Devoto, Gian Carlo Oli


Italian language dictionary with CD Rom

Who it's for

This is a dictionary for everyone to keep on their desk and to take with them everywhere: to school and work, in a backpack or briefcase.


Small format, big contents: Il Devotino offers the same completeness and authority of the larger edition in a small and light format, at a lower price.

  • 1560 pleasing and easy to read pages printed in two colours
  • 55,000 entries chosen of the more recent and most frequently used contemporary Italian terms.
  • 92,000 definitions: clear, efficient and easy to consult
  • 35,000 locutions, highlighted in bold-type and easily traceable
  • An updated glossary, which favours scientific and technical terms
  • Syllable division is shown for all entries and phonetic transcription for all foreign terms.
  • Grammatical information is provided for all entries (indications for invariability, plurals and difficult feminine terms, conjugation of irregular verbs and indication for the auxiliary).
  • Systematic indications for the government of verbs.
  • Multiplatform CD Rom for Windows, Mac Lines, in which the dictionary's text is integrated with synonyms and antonyms.

Purchase Options

Il Devotino pocket size (12,8 x 19,2 cm) pp. 1560 - 33,90 Euro - 9788800206556