Scientific Directors: P. Ramat, A. Nocentini.

Scientific Committee: P. Ramat, A. Nocentini, R. Lazzeroni, M. Mancini, G. Bernini, L. Lorenzetti

International Editorial Board: Philip Baldi (Pennsilvania); Walter Bisang (Magonza), Giuseppe Brincat (Malta), Helena Kurzová (Praga), Bernard Pottier (Parigi), Adam Ledgeway (Cambridge), Dik Bakker (Amsterdam), Leonid Kulikov (Ghent), Teresa Fanego (Santiago de Compostela), Muriel Norde (Berlino), Jesús de la Villa (Madrid), Pavol Stekauer (Košice).

Secretary: L. Alfieri (

Publication: two issues per year (about 130 pages each).

Instructions to contributors: papers must be sent in an anonymous electronic copy (.pdf and .doc or .docx, or .rtf format) to the secretary, Luca Alfieri ( Papers must not be longer than 30 pages, while reviews must not exceed 10 pages. Contributors must supply their affiliation and address (postal or e-mail) in the final version of their paper. Contributions accepted for pubblication must follow the AGI official stylesheet "istruzioni agli autori" . The contributions that do not follow this stylesheet will not be considered for publication.

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French and German are welcome. Abstracts of contributions written in Italian or in other languages are to be supplied in English. In addition, contributions not written in Italian must have an Abstract (Riassunto) in Italian.

Review process: double-blind peer review (5 months).

Subscriptions: Italian residents € 56,00, non-residents € 70,20 to be credited to postal account CC. 30896864, Mondadori Education S.p.A. For information about subscriptions, please contact the Ufficio Periodici and local agencies or download the instructions for filling the postal payment form (bollettino di conto corrente postale). Single issues or single articles can be requested upon payment on the site: In the same site there is the DOI code of each paper and all the indices of the former issues.