Think OUTSIDE the Box: Get it? By Andrew Howarth

EFL-Teacher Professional Development 2019-2020

Liceo Nolfi-Apolloni organises, in cooperation with Mediateca Montanari, the third series of Professional Development seminars for EFL-teachers (both of upper and lower secondary school), principals, CLIL teachers, subject teachers, freelance teachers and teachers of other subjects who are interested in the English language or in teaching using English.
The series of seminars “Think outside the Box” will include conferences with important Authors, Language, Literature and Teaching Experts, with the objective of providing valuable insights into different topics linked to EFL-teaching and giving teachers interesting hints for further reflection and thought.

The first seminar of the series 2019-2020, organised in cooperation with Macmillan and Mondadori Education, will be with Andrew Howarth who will deal with Get it? A close look at formative assessment and how you can check students really understand before, during and after activities in class.
Certificates of attendance valid as Teacher Professional Development will be provided.

To register on-line: or through Liceo Nolfi-Apolloni website
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