TESOL Italy's 45th National Convention "Enriching Learning & Teaching"

Anche quest’anno Mondadori Education e Macmillan Education partecipano alla conferenza nazionale di TESOL Italy . L’evento è intitolato Enriching Learning & Teaching”, e si terrà venerdì 13 e sabato 14 novembre online.

Scopri il programma dei nostri interventi:

  • Venerdì 13/11
    Confessions of a digital immigrant: Surviving the technological tsunami…
    Teresa Doğuelli

Modern life as we know it in Italy has been flooded and moulded by technology. It is no longer a trend but a way of life; the way in which human beings communicate with each other. Curiously, however, the technology tsunami does not seem to have flooded our educational institutions as it has all other aspects of our lives-although now that is changing. In some cases, it has not even penetrated the threshold. Why is this so? And could we be making life more difficult for ourselves by resisting it out of fear of change? This presentation shares some insights with fellow digital immigrants on how ways of introducing information technology into ELT methodology may be a lot simpler and more beneficial than we think.

Teresa Doğuelli has been a teacher and trainer for nearly 40 years, fighting for best practice and freedom to learn and teach with joy and passion, and above all, with lasting results. She has lived and worked in Turkey since 1979, teaching adults, university undergraduates, teenagers and children.

  • Venerdì 13/11
    Gateway to Success
    Romina Pifferi 

The presentation of Gateway to Success will outline the ways in which the book supports teachers who emphasize creativity in the classroom. There are lots of materials on topics related to Agenda 2020. We find this to be an important issue today – and one which encourages students to think about their impact on the world around them. Opening students minds is essential for young Global citizens and for language learners.

Romina Pifferi works for Macmillan Education. She has extensive experience in the field of education both as a teacher and in publishing.


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