Optimising Your Teaching Tools Workshops - Milano

Sessioni di aggiornamento didattico e formativo rivolte a tutti i docenti di lingua inglese.

Teaching and assessing writing at B1 and B2 level – Richard Twigg
Writing in English is probably the weakest skill in Italy. With this in mind, the session will look at ways of teachingand assisting students with this “forgottten skill”. In order to be able to fully support your students, you also need tobe familiar with the marking/grading criteria in the tests/exams that your students will be taking.

How to approach standardised examination like Invalsi using other language Qualifications to your advantage – Marco Colciago
The Invalsi test is a “standard” test, very similar to those that have been used for many years now in the anglo-saxoneducation system. How can we prepare students for it? What are the similarities with other Language Qualificationsthat students might have already obtained and how can we use them to our advantage?

Debating in class – Richard Twigg 
As teachers we are all looking for ways to engage students in our lessons. To get them speaking, To get them tomore con dent as individuals and to have increased self-esteem. But how can we do that? Well in this session wewill look at how holding debates with your students can help to achieve all these goals.

A tutti i partecipanti verrà rilasciato un attestato di frequenza al seminario di aggiornamento valido ai fini dell’esonero dal servizio.
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