Not teaching but…: inclusiveness 360

Mixed-level classes are a conundrum for all teachers. All students should have the opportunity to receive the right input for their level, including those at higher levels. Josefina Ares will share her ideas to help teachers exploit their students’ potential with no differences. She will draw inspiration from the title Switch, with a particular focus on the concept of “Inclusiveness 360”.

Josefina Ares has over 24 years’ experience teaching young learners adolescents and adults. She has worked for many different academies including and The British Council and International House in various schools around the world. She has also worked teaching English for academic purposes at universities in the UK. For the last 19 years she has worked as a teacher trainer at different teacher training centres around Spain, teaching both English language and methodology to primary and secondary school teachers. She is also a freelance speaker and has collaborated with Macmillan Publishers and other publishers on teacher’s days. Before coming to Rome she had an academy in Spain for 14 years where she would try out new ideas.