Keep calm and approach Invalsi English exams

Silvia Mazzetti

With the recent news that the INVALSI tests would also assess the level of English of fifth year Upper Secondary students, many teachers (me included) got into a flap. There was a national stampede to try to understand as much as possible about this exam which some learners may consider “nightmarish” and difficult to cope with. Many of us as teachers hope for excellent performance from our pupils as such an outcome would not only prove that they are good students but would also be further evidence that we are working in the right direction. Are we sure, though, that what really matters is the final result and not the whole process that ultimately leads to that outcome? In this webinar, we delve into this test together to understand how we can help our students feel at ease and master this challenge.

Silvia Mazzetti majored in Foreign Languages and Audiovisual Communication at Università Cattolica. She also studied at Leeds University and spent time working in NYC. While nurturing her passion for radio and TV production and presenting, she began teaching English at a high school. Silvia now works at a middle school near Brescia and has gradually realized that her place in the world is wherever her pupils are. Since May 2017, she has been working with Mondadori Education as a collaborative writer.