Formative assessment

Relatore: Andrew Howarth

Formative assessment helps the teacher know how the student is learning along the way. This type of assessment is not meant to assign grades but to inform the teacher of what the participants know or don’t know. It occurs within a teaching unit so the teacher knows if and when to modify the didactical approach to help students better understand the subject. This session looks at the many benefits of formative assessment to both students and teachers. Understand how you can know what students understand and to what degree. Discover what your students need, what kind of learner the student is and how they feel about learning, the content and the method of instruction.

Andrew Howarth is an academic consultant specializing in English language teaching.  Gaining experience as a language teacher, business coach and master trainer over the last 15 years, Andrew has had the opportunity to work alongside key educational associations such as EQUALS, LEND, AISLI and The British Council at conferences and workshops across Italy. For the last 8 years, his work has been focusing on Italian state school didactic systems, classroom materials, and assessment procedures. Working as a trainer with Macmillan gives Andrew a chance to support teachers in secondary education in Italy by sharing innovative classroom ideas and practices.