Debating in class - from a language tool to a life skill

Rachel Roberts

When today’s students enter the world of work, they will be required to express opinions, agree or disagree with their colleagues and use persuasive language. Holding a debate in class can be the perfect tool to help students master these fundamental speaking skills and motivate them to develop their English in a meaningful way through real debate.

Webinar – Answers to participants’ questions.

Rachel Roberts has taught at the British Council since 1994 with a particular focus on Public Speaking and Cross-Cultural Communication. She has also worked as a voice artist for twenty-years, producing audio and video material for language courses, audio books, documentaries and other productions. She has written course material for both the Scuola Media and the Scuola Superiore and regularly contributes stories and articles on British Culture and the use of language for Speak Up Magazine. She is currently working on an “Edutainment” website, aimed at teaching English through stories and audio/video material.