Critical Reading: Helping students become well informed citizens

Nowadays people have a great variety of texts and information sources just a click away. However we have seen that unlimited access to information brings risks, too. Students must have strong evaluation skills in such a world. David Spencer will give tips on how to teach Critical Reading and help teenage students make personal judgements on what they are exposed to on a continuous basis. He will speak from his experience in the classroom- and use examples from  Gateway to Success. The goal will be to help you help your students become better informed citizens.

David Spencer – After studying languages at Oxford University, David Spencer trained to be a Secondary School teacher. He then moved to Spain where he has been living and teaching ever since. He continues to teach teenage students every day in a school near Madrid. Apart from teaching and training teachers, Dave began writing Secondary courses for Macmillan in 1995. His latest series, ‘Gateway to Success’, has just been published by Mondadori Education.








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